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Crimson Alley + Panic Tape & The Plecs

Pop- & Cultuurpodium P3

Crimson Alley

Crimson Alley will give you an extremely tight rock show with electronic influences. This is not for the fainthearted and closed minded! This band does not care about genres, they just make music that they like. Main influences at this moment are Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Trap and House. With pounding drums, in your face guitars mixed with well placed electronics and massive vocals, Crimson Alley will definitely give you one of the most memorable shows you have seen.

Panic Tape

With a debut EP and new single in their pocket Panic Tape is ready to take off, never to land again. With recognizable songs and energetic performance, they know how to conquer an audience. From their hometown, Amsterdam, to stages in England and Germany. This rock-trio goes far and beyond, to get people moving to their danceable rock songs.
Panic Tape is named after the spirit of an illegal radio station which would broadcast from sea. Driven by the desire to share new music, this station did everything they could to keep playing. Even plagued by heavy storms, which made it impossible to play vinyl, they kept going by using ‘panic tapes’.
This young band tries to embody this spirit in their act, whether it’s a surprising turn in their music, or an outburst on stage. Inspired by the diversity of Queen and Led Zeppelin, and the attitude of Oasis and Sex Pistols, Panic Tape delivers a combination of melody, raw vocals and frantic guitars. In short, Rock with a Punk attitude!

Panic Tape is:    Stanley Bruynzeel – Vocals & Lead Guitar.
Patrick Plaat – Bass guitar & Backing Vocals.Scott Bruynzeel – Drums & Backing Vocals

The Plecs

Twan vindt een basgitaar op zolder, Bram speelt gitaar en Jorn speelt al regelmatig op het drumstel van zijn broertje. De 3 beginnen de punkband The Flying Plecdrums.

De band neemt serieuze vormen aan en een serieuze naam lijkt van toepassing.

Met een 4de bandlid en later zelfs een 5de wordt Maladjusted een band die redelijk wat successen boekt in binnen en buitenland. Ze releasen de albums ‘Seasing The Moment’ bij Warner en ‘Selftitled’ bij Yeah Yeah Yeah records.

De band verandert van muzikale richting en gaat door onder de naam WE ARE FM (We are Formaly Maladjusted) als Rock/Electro act.

Ze brengen het album ‘Seasen One’ uit. Het album wordt 290,248 keer gedownload.

De band geeft een laatste show op City Slam waarna alle bandleden hun eigen weg gaan.

De The Flying Plecdrums komen weer bij elkaar. Terug naar punkrock met de naam afgekort naar The Plecs.

De eerste EP is uitgebracht.

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