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Dunkelnacht (FR), Adversarius & Yaotzin – afgelast

Pop- & Cultuurpodium P3

Dit concert is helaas afgelast. Kaartkopers hebben een mail ontvangen voor teruggave ticketkosten.

DunkelNacht was formed in 2004 by Heimdall, at the beginning a one-man project. Early 2007, the arrival of Alkhemohr as bass player in order to record the first official Metal recording “Mass Grave / DunkelNacht” split release. Therefore, DunkelNacht becomes a real blackened metal band…

DunkelNacht record “Atheist Dezekration” full length in 2007 and bargains with M&O Office for management and distribution. The second album of the band is entitled Revelatio (2014). It is at this period that DunkelNacht inks deals with Worm-Hole-Death Records.

In 2016, the band records it’s first EP “Ritualz of the occult” starring M.C. Abagor as vocalist. Later again, a second EP entitled “Anthropocenia” (2017) is released just after the arrival of Tegaarst as drummer.

In 2019, they bring forth a pinnacle of a recording made with a solid line-up of members proudly presenting the 3rd album entitled “Empires of Mediocracy”, crafted with new technology and experience taught through the years. The band signed with Non Serviam Records for the production and promotion of this third opus. Now DunkelNacht unveils a solid and smashing wall of sound to the crowd to behold…

Yaotzin, uit de regio Alkmaar, is oorspronkelijk opgericht in 1995. Eind 2013 pakt Yaotzin de instrumenten weer op, maar heeft een aantal line-up veranderingen ondergaan. De nieuwe line-up bestaat uit; Theo op zang, Bas op drums, Spoor op gitaar en nieuwe rekruten Nick Kühl op gitaar en Jesse Peetoom op bass. Yaotzin heeft nog een officieel extra lid, hoewel hij geen instrument bespeeld. Patrick Daniel is verantwoordelijk voor alle demonische kunstwerken, visuele effecten en het maken van de officiële band foto’s. Yaotzin speelt op volle kracht en brengt black metal chaos!

ADVERSARIUS is an occult black metal band. The band is formed in 2015, Sommelsdijk,
their first demo “Die With Your Prophet” was released in 2017 on tape through Zwaertgevegt & Cd’s through the band itself.
 Ever since they have been performing their live rituals in venues like Baroeg(Rotterdam), Musicon(Den Haag), Podium Gorcum(Gorinchem) +more and shared the stages with bands like Asgrauw, Infinity, Fenris, Ibex Angel Order and Pestilentia! And more to come.
 Their EP “ACROSS THE AGELESS WATERS” was released on 15th of august 2018 independently.


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